Here at Litmus we believe that theatre can make a positive impact in the community. That’s why we host a variety of educational workshops and community events.

Education is a vital part of what we do at Litmus Theatre. We are committed to sharing more than just shows with our supporters. We aim to build relationships with audiences and theatre artists that enriches, challenges, and deepens appreciation for art.

Past educational workshops include:

Action is Action, a workshop in physical theatre creation lead by Ker Wells.  During this week-long session, students examined the nature of the performed action – from the initial impulse, through the effective execution, and the use of action both alone an in combination with text.

Starting with the Space, a hands-on workshop that takes participants on a journey through a site specific location, investigating the space with an eye to how architecture, space, found items and natural lighting can influence classic text.  Through simple exercises we will train participants how to see a space through new eyes and uncover its hidden creative potential. This workshop was first offered during the premiere run of Birth of Frankenstein and has since been brought to the Devised Theatre program at York University.

In addition to our educational offerings, Litmus also hosts events that strengthen our community. Our ongoing Periodic Party series welcomes anyone that supports theatre in our city, but with particular emphasis on other independent theatre companies; newcomers to the city who’d like to meet other theatre people; new actors and theatre production graduates. Sign up for our newsletter for the next Period Party invitation.

To learn more or get involved with our community initiatives, please contact Claire Wynveen at